As much as we like to think that we have ~some~ native fauna that won’t absolutely go you simply for existing within a 100m radius of them, this is not a story about such gentle creatures. No way. This is about a very stroppy wombat who spent a solid amount of time chasing down a tradie in Bathurst for getting a little too close for comfort.

The rotund boy didn’t waste any time in going for the bloke’s legs, proving that when the mood strikes, a portly little wombat with a red-hot temper can be bloody fast.

The tradie – who has “Andrew” on his shirt so let’s just call him Andrew, or Andy, or Drew (?) – spends a solid couple of minutes evading the cranky wombo, actually having to jump over the het-up marsupial to get away from him.

Andy here didn’t get away unscathed, either – the wombat managed to get his teeth into Andrew/Andy/Drew’s shin and draw blood so I guess the bloke probably had to head off to the doctor for a tetanus shot and a bit of mending.

As far as we know, the grizzly wombat is fine, albeit a little bit cross.

Look at him GO. What a feisty little ratbag.

There’s no amount of yelling “fuck awf ya little shit!!” at this terror, he’s got his mind set on absolutely ruining your day, mate.

Truly if I had to bet on who would win out of a furious, stocky wombat and a tradie with no shinguards on, I know where I’d be putting my hard-earned monies. GARN GIT ‘EM.

Image: YouTube