A Gal Flew 10,000km Just To Remove The Love Lock She Shared W/ Her Ex & He Must Really Be A Dick

TikTok Love Locks

A woman on TikTok has travelled across the world, and during a pandemic mind you, to literally cut down a love lock between her and her ex, and I am extremely here for this girlboss energy.

In 2019, 23-year-old TikToker Kassie Yeung and her ex left a lock symbolising their assumed endgame status at N Seoul Tower in South Korea. Two years later and in the middle of a panini, she not only split from him but seemingly wanted to leave no evidence that they were even a thing, travelling a cute 9,628km from Los Angeles to Seoul just to take down the lock without the key. And damn, he must really be a dick.

The story came after a viral TikTok she shared last week that now has nearly five million views of her documenting her—and her recently bought pair of pliers from the US—post-breakup international quest for closure. 

“I am one petty motherfucker I don’t care what anyone says,” she said in the video, before adding various “snip snip” voices to text sounds. Guided by her pliers like a PDA-finding version of water dousing, Yeung caught a plane, trains and buses and eventually arrived at her destination, finding her cursed lock within only thirty minutes.


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Shortly after she shared her story, other former love birds began commenting that they were inspired by her and wanted to find their own love locks tied to their former relationships. One noteworthy fan admitted, “I left one in Paris[,] gotta go snip snip too.” 

According to CNN, the idea of love locks was first introduced after a 2006 Italian young adult book-turned-film called Ho voglia di te (translation: I Want You) created the phenomenon and swiftly influenced couples around Rome, Paris and other ~romantic~ European cities. 

And, while Seoul’s declaration of being romantically locked down is still around, the Parisian city council removed roughly 45,000kg of locks on the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris after they found it was not only damaging the structure but some nasty tourists were throwing their keys into the river, per The New York Times.

In 2021, we’re saying bye bye to traditional post-breakup methods and abolishing all ties to our bad exes, and that’s on post-trauma therapy.