TikTok Rediscovered Cookie Monster’s Actual First Name & Folks Are Crumbling At The Revelation

The internet has resurfaced a truly bizarre fact: the real name of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. I am shaken to my very cookie core. 

A whole host of Sesame Street fans have discovered Cookie Monster’s birth name thanks to a video posted to the show’s official TikTok.

@sesamestreet Every great hero needs an origin story. 🍪 #CookieMonster #SesameStreet ♬ Cookie Dough – Egozi

In it, we see baby Cookie Monster reminiscing on his first ever cookie. A big moment in every child’s life, to be fair.

“Me was just a mild mannered little kid,” he sings.

“In fact, back then, me think my name was Sid!”

I’m absolutely reeling at the implication that Cookie Monster has been alive for so long he forgot his own name.

Cookie Monster is an eternal creature, and he will survive the impending nuclear apocalypse.

Also… Sid?

The TikTok comments were befuddled by this absolute revelation.

“Wait SID?????” a user called Syd wrote. Twins!

“I told my family his real name is Sid and you’d think I told them the sun is green 😂 that was a fun conversation,” commented another.

“Ummmm Sid? His name is Sid?” someone else said.

Look team, I was baffled too.

According to 9Honey, the “Cookie Dough” song Cookie Monster sings in the vid actually dates back to a 2004 episode of Sesame Street. The lore simply never ends.

It turns out the truth was below our noses the whole time, like the delectable scent of a freshly baked cookie.

There was also a 2010 Tweet from the Sesame Street account which referred to the Cookie Monster as Sidney.

Wow, I can’t believe he was named after the Sydney Opera House. That’s truly iconic.

In defence of Sesame Street, it would be quite bizarre for all the other characters to have names — Bert, Ernie, Grover for example — without the Cookie Monster having one too.

Now I have to assume Big Bird has a secret birth name as well: he looks like a Colin to me.