Jab These Vaccine Memes Straight Into Your Veins ‘Cos The Lockdown Has Truly Cooked Us All

pfizer vaccine memes australia

It’s here, it’s finally gonna happen – the Pfizer vaccine has landed in Australia ahead of the rollout starting on January 22. As footage and images flood the news of these unassuming boxes being handled as delicately as airport ground staff can (read: not chucked around like a footy) something about the whole surreal event has caused everyone’s brains to go all weird and react accordingly: with vaccine memes.

Twitter has gone off like a frog in a sock with memes. Absolutely exploding with dumb jokes and one-liners as everyone races to post the perfect gag about the arrival of the vaccine.


Can you blame us? We’ve watched on as other developed countries have had their jabs, patiently waiting for whoever it is that runs things (Morrison? I don’t even know anymore) to pull their finger out of their ass and get us our needles.


Maybe it’s the months of multiple lockdowns that have boiled my brain to a point of mushy perfection, but I’m reading every single one of these vaccine memes and outwardly giggling. Every one of them, more perfect than the last.

Is it because we’ve gone the last 12 months of living in this strange fear, an existence of limbo where normality has been snatched away from us? Has too much time working from home and being away from social interaction made us all isolated and weird? Is this simply just a concentrated example of Australians using humour to navigate something that could potentially change things quite drastically?


I mean, even I wasn’t immune from making a stupid-ass joke to celebrate (?) the Pfizer vaccines landing at Sydney airport. I simply had to fire off a tweet, because god damn I wish to have those jabs pegged at me like freshly sharpened darts already.

Ok one more, and then I’m done. Just because this has made me choke on my tea.

Ahh, may memes never stop being the perfect response to any major event.

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