Big Fkn RIP To This Sydneysider Who Paid $25 For A Salmon Bagel And Lived To Tell The Tale


Inflation! What a dirty dog. It’s so bad out here post-COVID that one Sydneysider had to pay $25 for a fucking salmon bagel.

Last week, Hannah Bowman went to grab a coffee and walked past a cute little cafe she’d never been to before. It was there she saw the aforementioned bagel, which looked tasty enough – so she decided to buy it for her lunch. However, when she went to tappa, she was shocked to find out the bagel was a whopping $25.

Bowman then posted about the price of the bagel on TikTok, asking the faceless people of the internet if it was a  “mistake?”. Sadly, I don’t think it was.

“Guys, I’ve been the victim of  heinous crime?,” Bowman said in the viral video.

“Tell me why when I went to tap, they said that will be $25 please”.


I feel sick 😅😅😅 #costofliving #sydney #sydneyfood

♬ original sound – Hannah Bowman

Those in the comments were equally shocked, with some sharing their own stories of being stooged due to inflation.

“That happened to me with a salad recently and I panicked and said oh god, no no sorry and away and can never go there again,” one person wrote.

“I would have walked away,” another said.

To think that once upon a time you could get a decent feed with a fiver, is crazy. Now, we’d be lucky to pay less than $15 for a sandwich.

This is democracy manifest!!

What is the charge??? Eating a bagel… a succulent salmon bagel???

If you’re sick of living in the present, and want to go back to the glory days of cheap food – PEDESTRIAN.TV did a ranking of all iconic canteen snacks you could cop for $2 before inflation ruined everything here.

Spoiler alert: but JJ’s are on the list and oh boy, it’s brought back some old (traumatic) memories. I remember one kid telling me he’d buy me a packet of JJ’s if I kissed him on the lips in the sandpit. Definitely not my finest moment, but hey at least I got those pizza flavoured JJ’s.

Well that six year-old version of me would be glad to know that she’d probably have to do a lot more these days for a packet of JJ’s, so lucky her… I guess.

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