You Can Finally Donate Those Pre-Loved Clothes Haunting Yr Wardrobe This Weekend Through Uber

A new season is approaching and that means a lot of us are most likely looking to have a bit of a wardrobe update. For some folks, this means taking stock of all the items of clothing we have that no longer fit or speak to us that have been gathering lint in the far corners of our wardrobes.

After a long emotional day of packing those clothes into bags ready to donate, a new issue arises – where are we going to donate these clothes?

When it comes to donating, time and accessibility can be our biggest hurdles for donating clothes. Local drop-off points can be out of the way, especially if you don’t have your own car or can’t find a day to secure a friend to take you.

Thankfully, Uber has teamed up with Australian Red Cross to make donating clothes as easy as pressing a button.

On Saturday, 21 October, between 9 am – 4 pm, you can book a free Uber Package pickup in the Uber app to collect your quality clothing, for delivery and donation to Red Cross.

That doesn’t mean you should be looking to hand in your dusty ol’ underwear with a hole in it. Australian Red Cross are on the lookout for high-quality, sellable clothing. Think clothing you haven’t worn in a while that might not be your style or isn’t fitting as well, but you’d still hand off to a friend.

It’s so important to make sure that your pre-loved clothes find a new home rather than finding themselves in the trash. According to the University of Queensland, we send around 85% of the textiles we buy to landfills every year, making us the second-largest consumer of new textiles after the US. We buy it, wear it once or twice, get sick of it—or realise it’s gone out of fashion—and bin it only to begin the cycle all over again.

By donating your pre-loved clothes, you can help give your old clothes a second chance, while helping Australia conserve environmental resources and reduce our landfill waste. The money used to buy your pre-loved clothes will also crucially help the Australian Red Cross fund their vital humanitarian programs.

To find out more about the Uber and Red Cross Clothing Drive, click here.

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Image: And Just Like That / HBO MAX