Swiss Yodelling Festival Interrupted By Elite Fighter Pilots Doing Flyover Of Wrong Town

Yodelling festival jets.

There are a lot of people in Europe. Heaps of them. All from different cultural backgrounds and walks of life. A rich tapestry of people that couldn’t possibly be succinctly described as a whole — couldn’t possibly be generalised about. I will say this though: More than anyone else in the world, Europeans fucking love yodelling. I dare you to name a continent that loves yodelling as much as Europe does. You simply can’t.

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To the average European, there is nothing remarkable about the yodelling festival as a phenomenon. Most people, I believe, will come across three or four yodelling festivals in the course of their commute to work. It takes a lot to make one stand out from the rest, like this weekend’s 31st Northwest Yodelling Festival in the Swiss town of Mümliswil.

What made the 31st Northwest Yodelling Festival in the Swiss town of Mümliswil different from all the other ones, was the unorthodox inclusion of a flyover by an elite squadron of Swiss fighter pilots. Patrouille Suisse (a Swiss Air Force aerobatics team similar to the US Navy’s Blue Angels) were, it turns out, an unscheduled addition to the yodelling festival, as they were actually meant to be doing a flyover of nearby Langenbruck.

The village of Langenbruck, roughly 4km east of Mümliswil, was holding an event to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of Oskar Bider, the first person to fly over the Alps in both directions.

A spokesperson for the Swiss military told Swiss newspaper The Neue Zürcher Zeitung that the mistake occurred because the planes that Patrouille Suisse use are old as shit (paraphrasing) and do not have GPS. The flight leader mistook the tents set up for the yodelling festival as tents set up for the Bider celebration, and directed the squadron to the wrong town.