Here’s a fucked thing that happened: two young men dumped a severed pig’s head in an Aldi cooler bag with a swastika on it at the Islamic College of Brisbane late last night. 

Because they hate Muslims? And Muslims abstain from pork? I don’t know, maybe there’s some weird right-wing-zealot-logic there that is too evolved for lay people to understand.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, “Australia’s most publicly hated Muslim” and a former Islamic College of Brisbane student, took to Twitter to talk about just how screwed up it is to y’know target schoolchildren in their place of learning, and her experiences as a Muslim student after September 11. 

It’s eye-opening reading, Abdel-Magied offering some genuine advice for people looking to support the school community, and insight into the impact widespread public fearmongering/Islamophoba has on Muslim kids.  

Of course, because some people fuck dogs are shitty people – right-wing commentator Chris Kenny in particular – Abdel-Magied has already had to defend herself. And she’s rightly incredulous.

I just… what? This is the level of discourse rn? 

Cops are asking anyone with information on the people who would y’know, attempt to intimidate and harass children at school, just regular Tuesday night stuff, to call 131 444. 

Photo: Islamic College of Brisbane / Twitter.