Y’all Like Space & Shit? Get Amongst NASA’s ‘Day In Space’ Snapchat Story

If you were just thinking to yourself, why doesn’t modern technological advances with smartphones allow me to be in space? Why am I not in space yet? I WANT TO BE IN SPACE. 
Never fear, reader. Your pain is similar to our own. 
Luckily, you can visit NASA on Snapchat anytime (and it’s a great follow, honestly), but today they had a live story called ‘Day in Space’ that was truly incredible. 
Okay firstly, it is not their normal Snapchat story, it’s one of the special live ones, above all your mates stories. It looks like:

NASA astronaut and commander of Expedition 47 Tim Kopra celebrated the 100,000th orbit of the International Space Station live on Snapchat, chasing rogue blobs of water and honey-covered tortillas, and spinning round in a circle in the air continuously (like any good astronaut does). 

It is an excellent time. 
And of course, here he is embracing the novelty of drinking giant baubles of water. IN MOTHERFUCKING SPACE. 
And finally, look at this bloody tortilla causing MAYHEM and floating about!
Reminds you of something, no? Yes. 
So yeah. Follow NASA on Snapchat for everything ~space content~, but check their live story today. It good. It very, very good.
Source/Images: NASA / Snapchat.