Australia Faces Grave BBQ Chook Drought As IT Issues Force Woollies Closures

A technical issue has forced Woolworths shops across Australia to close.

The issue relates to the till system, which has reportedly left many stores unable to process any sales.

Customers began to take to social media at quarter past 4pm to report that they were stuck in lines or told to leave the store while the issue is resolved. At Haymarket in Sydney, customers were told to return in “an hour“, according to one tweet for ABC journalist Michael Janda.

It’s unclear how wide-spread the issue was, though by social media it’s clear that Victoria, NSW and Queensland were affected. Several media outlets have reported that the outage was Australia-wide, and affected all stores, though Woolworths are yet to make a comment.

Woolworth’s haven’t made a statement yet, but they are replying to tweets explaining that registers “are now back online in all of our stores“. Our dinners are saved.

Image credit:  Hugh Peterswald/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images