Woman Who Dragged Teen By Hair In Racial Tirade Cops 1 Year Jail Time

A Sydney woman who racially abused and assaulted a teenager on a train last year has been jailed for 12 months.

Nicole Boyle, 35 – who has a 15-year history of similar offences – was travelling on the Libcombe-bound train when she unleashed a tirade against the 15-year-old (who is of Asian descent), calling her “a fucking chink”, dragging her into the aisle by her hair, and slapping her across the face.

Last year the incident made headlines as police appealed for information on the assailant, with reports alleging a misunderstanding in conversation led to the violent incident.
The court has now heard that this is 100% not the case. It turns out that Boyle was spewing this racist bile to her travelling companion, including saying that “this cunt needs to go back to eating rice”.
The teen tried to ignore Boyle, but eventually said to her friend: “She’s got a pretty good tan for someone who is white”.
Boyle then accused the teenager of calling her “white trash“, dragged her out of her seat by her hair and slapped her across the face.
Her defence lawyer tried to claim that her outburst wasn’t a racially motivated one but simply an “escalated confrontation”, but magistrate Alex Mijovich shut that shit down.

“Any confrontation that occurred was instigated by yourself,” he said.
Case in point: she was arrested later that night at a Blacktown bus station after hurling racial slurs at buses packed with families returning from a footy match. What a charmer.

In fact, by the time she was arrested, Mijovich said her racial slurs had “covered every possible continent” and “all nationalities”.
She won’t be eligible for parole till July 11.
Source: SMH.
Photo: Facebook.