The Harsher Lockdown On Western Sydney Is Finally Easing From Tomorrow & Thank Bloody Fuck

western sydney lockdown eased

If you’re in one of greater Sydney’s local government areas that have been in a harsher lockdown in the last few months then good news! That officially ends tomorrow.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that the harsher restrictions currently in place for the “LGAs of concern”, AKA Western Sydney, will be lifted from 12:01 am Monday, September 20th. All LGAs in the greater Sydney region will have the same lockdown rules which mean yes, fully vaccinated people in those LGAs will now be allowed to have outdoor picnics and have their outdoor time limits lifted. FUCK. YEAH.

As mentioned in an NSW government press release, from 12:01 am Monday, September 20th, the following restrictions will be eased:

  • No limit on the duration of outdoor exercise and recreation (previously a two-hour limit);
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to five fully vaccinated people (not including children aged 12 and under) will be allowed in a person’s LGA or within 5km of home (previously only fully vaccinated household members could gather outdoors, or up to two fully vaccinated people from different households);
  • Shopping, exercise, and outdoor recreation can be done 5km from home or within your LGA (previously only 5km from home);
  • Attend a small wedding (maximum 11 people) in Greater Sydney as a guest (previously only allowed in their LGA); and
  • A person’s single’s bubble buddy can live in Greater Sydney (previously must have resided within 5km of a person’s home). A person from an LGA of concern can also now be a buddy for someone in Greater Sydney.

Then, from 12.01am Monday, September 27th, outdoor pools across NSW will be able to open, as long as councils have a stringent COVID safety plan approved by NSW Health.

Berejiklian said the decision was thanks to the incredible vaccine turnout from people in those LGAs.

“They have led the way in our vaccination rates, they have shown us the way, and what it means to be resilient and strong, I can only imagine what it meant for families, and what it has meant for households to have to endure those restrictions for such a long period of time,” she said.

“We have seen some of those communities go from rates of around 19% or 20% up to nearly 90% and is extremely encouraging. The health experts also advised that in some of those areas of concern, we have seen a decline, the curve is starting to change, but what is always concerning us is that any super spreader event, anyone being too complacent actually can things very quickly.”

“The NSW Government is determined to ensure everyone can benefit from increasing vaccination rates,” added NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

“Outdoor pools are part of Australian life, and enjoying a Summer splash no matter where you live is a big plus for families.”

Stay tuned for more.