WATCH: Woman Clearly Richer Than Us All Turned Down $1K Cash On ‘TODAY’

Sure, we’re generally suspicious of complete randoms handing things out for free on street corners: condoms (what if there’s a hole in it?), drinks (similarly, has the seal been broken?), magazines (Big Issue sellers exempt) and pamphlets (no, not converting today thnx). 
But free MONEY? Doesn’t matter if that wad of cash was on fire – we’d still stomp on the flames with barefeet* and lovingly hand-tape the charred fragments back together, before treating ourselves to a taco tasting plate with the smugness of someone who didn’t just pay for their food coma.
* only applies for amounts exceeding $500. Ok, $200. 

The same can’t be said for a random passerby on a Queensland street this morning, after she turned down $1000 in cold, hard, very free cash.

TODAY show weatherman Stevie Jacobs was gallivanting around with a grand to palm off as part of the morning show’s Random Acts of Cash segment, and zeroed in on the first person he saw – a woman who looked like a student, or maybe a teacher, but is obviously a secret millionaire.
“There is $1000!” Jacobs said gleefully, waving it in front of her. “You’re on your way to work this morning or school?”
But rather than grab it and run, she shook her head and walked straight past him to a nearby bus stop. 
“You don’t want it? Really? It’s real money,” he assured her. Nope, she still wasn’t having a bar of it.
Also at the bus stop was a man who clearly values free money much more highly, ‘cos he jumped at the opportunity to relieve Jacobs of the $$$$.
“Spend it well,” Jacobs said, as he was handed it over. “You’re a very lucky man. I’ve have never seen that before”.

Grand in your hand!

Well that’s a first! This woman REJECTED $1000 in Stevie’s Random Acts of Cash! Luckily, the bloke Stevie spoke to next will put it to good use! #9Today

Posted by TODAY on Monday, April 4, 2016

This is footage of the turner-downer later on, after she realised it wasn’t a practical joke and that she really did just miss the chance to pocket some of Channel Nine‘s profits.

Photo: TODAY Show.