WATCH: We Check Out Sydney’s Best Kept Secret Tattoo Studio & Get Inked

In the never-ending, often exhausting quest for hot spicy content to bring to you, our lovely, eternally thirsty readers, some PEDESTRIAN.TV writers would most likely draw the line at, say, imprinting their bodies with ink for the rest of their lives, just for a story.
Well chumps, not THIS incredibly brave, heroic employee. No I take my job creating memes and whatnot v srsly. So srsly that I will put my god damn body on the line, and as long as one person out there on the internet is “shook”, then it will all be worth it.
Anyway, P.TV caught wind of a Sydney tattoo studio, tucked away down an alleyway in an unmarked studio in Surry Hills, and decided to investigate with reckless abandon. 
Opened in 2013 by one of Australia’s foremost tattoo artists, Horisumi Kian Forreal, Authentink Studio is one of the dopest looking studios around, showcasing Kian’s skills in traditional Japanese tattoos as well as a tonne of cool shit he’s gathered from his travels around the world.
Check out the video below, in which I get my first ever tattoo, and please, do not tell my Mother what I’ve done.