WATCH: Toyota Landcruiser Turns Into Seacruiser After Rolling Off QLD Ferry

This is exactly what I was terrified would happen every time my family went on a car ferry and it looks like my parents were straight-up liars for reassuring me that it never, ever would – which stings even more because this particular incident happened on the car ferry that leaves from around the corner from where I grew up. Atrocious.
A four-wheel-drive was filmed just casually rolling off the back of the barge that takes cars from River Heads (near Hervey Bay) to Queensland‘s Fraser Island. The car appears to be suffering from as serious case of “some dingus forgot to put the handbrake on” disease, shortly followed by an even more serious case of “your car just straight up sank, my dude”-itis.
Chloe Swift, who filmed the incident, said luckily no one was inside but “quite a few phones, debit cards, passports and valuables” were inside when the Toyota Landcruiser became a Toyota Seacruiser.
Brisbane woman Katrina Lawrence, whose car was parked next to the Landcruiser, said that a man tried to intervene but was unable to stop the vehicle from entering the drink:
“We were behind our car and my husband called out that the car next to us was rolling. It was rolling back to the bridge which was still down. 

“A young guy tried to grab it by the bull bar but he didn’t have much luck. It skidded along for a bit, he let it go, and it proceeded to just roll over the back and into the water where it stayed up for about 30 seconds before it sunk down.

“It was really slow. It was like it was happening in slow motion but there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.”
Have a watch:

Source: ABC News.
Photo: Channel 9 / Chloe Swift.