WATCH: This Lil’ Wallaby Is Either Taking Its 1st Steps Or Very, Very Drunk

If you weren’t already aware, the ACT Wildlife Facebook page is home to a LOT of cute shit pertaining to Aussie wildlife.
We’re talking: baby wombats having their tummies scratched, bats eating mulberries and the list goes on and on and on. 
Its lesser-known YouTube channel is also home to its fair share of highly-shareable animal-related content that makes you wanna go ‘awwww’: most popularly, a video of a baby wallaby named Illawarra trying to walk.
She could have taken her first steps on the carpet but instead chose lino, which results in the stack much cuter than yours outside a kebab shop at 3am on a Saturday night.
According to the video description, “Illy came into care weighing about 600 gm after her mother put her out of her pouch during a stressful incident” and is “thriving”.

Honourable mention also goes to this clip of a baby wombat called Jack having his tum-tum scratched and oh god can you even handle it.


Source and photo: ACT Wildlife.