WATCH: This Golden Oldie School His Grandkid In The Art Of Sweet Talk

If there’s anything we love here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, it’s a casual amount of debauchery. But when we’re not out causing our own mayhem, it’s nice to chill at the movies and watch someone else take the wheel, which is what makes Dirty Grandpa our new fave flick of the summer (sorry, Leo. We hope you still get the Oscar xo). Dirty Grandpa has it all, from former-teen heartthrob Zac Efron, to the incredible Robert De Niro, to everyone’s favourite sassy gal, Aubrey Plaza. In the spirit of Dirty Grandpa, we decided to see how this plays out and discover who can be more persuasive IRL – the charming, party animal grandpa? Or his play-it-straight grandson? Check it out below, and if you love it, head on over to the Dirty Grandpa website.

In Dirty Grandpa, Jason Kelly (played by the gorgeous six-pack-and-everything-else that is Zefron) is the guy we all know who seems to have his whole life sorted out, except that he never seems to let loose and have some fun. 
You know the type, the career’s sorted, the relash is on the fast track to marriage, and they’ll probably have a car, a house and a baby sometime within the next five years, because that’s how five-year plans work (at least, we assume so. We’re not really five-year plan type people here, ya feel?). 
Well, enter the charismatic trainwreck that is his “dirty grandpa” (played by two-time Academy Award winner Robert De Niro), and Jason goes from nearly-wed to, well… crackhead?
Along the way, De Niro charms a college spring breaker, played by the queen of deadpan comedy, Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza, who offers this in the art of seduction:
Basically, the film is an hilarious odd-couple comedy that pits grandpa against grandson, and we were so #inspired by it that we decided to head out to the beach to pit one young man, Andy, against his very own ~dirty grandpa~, Barry, in a series of challenges.
The aim of the game was to see who could be more persuasive, the modern young man with a ton of Insta-followers? Or a thick dose of old-school, down-and-dirty charm from his “dirty grandpa”? Check out the video below to see how it all played out. 
Dirty Grandpa opens in cinemas on January 28, but if you’re so inclined, roll your cursor over HERE to check out the website.