WATCH: The Very Real BTS Footage Of Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Apology

In case you missed Australia‘s pinnacle moment of 2016 yesterday, we as a country forced Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to issue a videotaped apology for flagrantly disregarding our biosecurity laws. And if you’ve ever wondered what utter contempt looks like, friends, it’s Depp staring down the camera and saying, “Declare… everything.”

It was fucking magical. Nothing will ever be as good as that again.
Twitter, of course, had a riot over it. 

(See a bunch more here.)

Speckled in with the vast comedic efforts of Australian Twitter was the assumption that it was Barnaby Joyce with a gun, not the strong arm of the law, that forced this magical piece of cinema to come to fruition.

Which is exactly what YouTube star Natalie Tran riffed on. In next to no time at all, she recut the utterly bizarre clip into the behind-the-scenes version it so absolutely deserved. 

“A masterpiece!” – Pedestrian.TV. 

Source / Picture: YouTube / Natalie Tran.