Watch The Trailer For Corona Extra’s Epic Roadtrip Short Film ‘Someplace Else’

Our wonderful pals at Corona have been cooking up something a little bit special for you over the past few months. After gathering together surfers Ozzie Wright and Dylan Graves, musician Hanni El Khatib, artists Rose Ashton and Jeff Canham and skateboarder Andrew Brophy along with director Riley Blakeway, they sent the group of young, creative, athletic legends on a once-in-a-lifetime roadtrip throughout Mexico, documenting the sight, sounds, tastes and experiences along the way.

The result? A short film entitled Someplace Else that launches via the Corona Extra website this coming Monday, the 12th of May.
But you don’t have to wait that long to get yourself a taste of the journey from places you’d rather be. The trailer for the film has dropped today, and we’re beyond happy to be bringing it straight to you. Check it out below.

Head on over to to check out some of the stunning photos taken during the course of the trip, and to learn more about the individual participants. And be sure to check back on Monday, when Someplace Else launches in its glorious entirety!