Tony Abbott is wildly unpopular for a whole bunch of actually important reasons, like his policies on asylum seekers and LGBTIQ issues, but he sure has provided a bunch of trivial reasons to dislike him as well.

For some people karaoke is a fun, care-free experience to enjoy with mates – those people are not well in their brain. Karaoke is a gruelling nightmare of shame and embarrassment that should only be undertaken when you have absolutely no way to get out of it, or when you are so ripshit drunk you can’t remember your own birthday.

Tone singing John Denver‘s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads‘ is a fantastic example of why this is. It turns out singing is actually really hard and in all likelihood you probably sound way worse than you think you do. 

Well done to you if you make it through the whole video, it is an experience:

If you’re wondering what the fuck he’s wearing, it’s a collared singlet, or “Colsi“, that no one should ever wear, ever. Christ.

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Photo: Facebook.