WATCH: Sean Spicer Cops A Punishing Roast Over His Weird Holocaust Comments

Presumably much to Donald Trump‘s chagrin, the big news story coming out of America today is Press Secretary Sean Spicer‘s frankly baffling comments about Hitler and the Holocaust.

Quick summary: he criticised Syrian president Bashar al-Assad – who has been accused of perpetrating a chemical attack which the United States responded to with a fat payload of missiles – by claiming that not even Hitler stooped to the level of using chemical weapons on his citizenry (*Ron Howard voice* He did).
Now, Spicer seems to be on an apology roadshow, and it is exactly as awkward as you might think. Behold, his agonising chat with Wolf Blitzer:

Blitzer didn’t let him get off with a vague general apology – he basically forced Spicer to spit out a stumbling sorry to all living Holocaust survivors. Rough.
This is Wolf Blitzer we’re talking about, by the way – absolutely one of the stupidest men working in American cable news. I could rattle off a long, long list of reasons as to why Blitzer is basically a child trapped in a man’s body, or I could just show you his score on his infamous appearance on Celebrity Jeopardy:
Poor Wolfie. But even he managed to dunk on Spicer here, and he also has a kickass name. So points for that.
The pressure on Spicer to resign is mounting from both sides of the aisle. He almost certainly won’t, but you can take solace in the fact he’s definitely having a monumentally shitty day.
Source: CNN.