WATCH: ScoMo Ain’t Sayin’ How He’ll Vote If The Plebiscite Passes, Hmm

Something that keeps undermining the Coalition‘s argument for a same-sex marriage plebiscite is the fact that some of its conservative MPs simple cannot give a straight answer on whether they will actually vote for same-sex marriage if the plebiscite passes.

It’s known that they wouldn’t be bound to do so – Malcolm Turnbull says that it will likely be a free vote in accordance with the general party approach to these things. But LGBT Australians can’t be so chuffed to see MPs simply refuse to give an answer on whether they’ll actually vote in line with the plebiscite.
Scott Morrison is one such person. He’s a known opponent of same-sex marriage, and said yesterday that he expects supporters to shut up and stop talkin’ bout it if the plebiscite fails. 
But he can’t extend that same courtesy. In an interview with Leigh Sales last night he refused to straight up say whether or not he’d vote in favour of marriage equality if the Australian people want him to.
Obviously, ‘respect the outcome of the plebiscite’ doesn’t actually mean he’ll vote for it.
There we go. This plebiscite is going to be a shitfight, hey?
Source: ABC 7.30.