WATCH: Remixed Malcolm Turnbull Asks Australia To Up Foreign Aid

Malcolm Turnbull’s latest speech is a pretty legit call for increasing Australia’s foreign aid budget – if you listen to it with your eyes closed.

In a cheeky mash-up from the folks at the Campaign for Australia Aid, the PM asks, in his own heavily re-arranged words “what is the essence/to be an Australian? If you do well, you’ve got to/give something back.”

“That used to be us.” 
Bizzaro-Turnbull makes some pretty good points, even if he does change his suit every three seconds: “Consider this. Making sure that/our region/is a wonderful place to live in/is very important/for/the nation/and/its neighbours.”

It’s not the only time this year foreign aid agencies have put out their caps and asked for more from the federal government, but damn, it is the first time that could be confused for Autotune The News.

Image Stefan Postles via Getty.