WATCH: Relationship God Dan Savage Blesses ‘Hack Live’ With His Guidance

Hack Live has continued its remarkable run of being the ABC panel show least likely to cause a stress-induced aneurysm with tonight’s dating app-centric episode. 
It barrelled through topics as diverse as self-worth, consent, the current nature of human interaction, and, uh, the ins-and-outs of ins-and-outs in 2016. 
While host Tom Tilley proved himself more than capable of moderating diverse viewpoints from the show’s participants, that kind of interpersonal truth-seeking is still probably best handled by one dude: Dan goddamn Savage.

And, wouldn’t you know it, they managed to beam Savage’s all-knowing head right into the show to discuss the modern neuroses surrounding cheating via dating apps.


The brain (and heart) behind the monstrously-popular Savage Love column gave his take on whether the swipe-enabling tech now available to us makes being unfaithful easier.

His take? Yes. But, the “digital trail” left by e-infidelity makes it harder to hide, and worse for everyone involved.

Look, it’s probably best to be upfront with ya current squeeze, right?
Source and photo: Hack Live / ABC2 / Twitter.