WATCH: Perth Zoo’s Rare Tree Kangaroo Joey Becomes The Benchmark For ‘Cute’

Righto, let’s get the facts out of the way before we bombard you with clinically adorable footage. 

Perth Zoo has been collaborating with the Tenkile Conservation Alliance and other zoos worldwide on conserving the Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, a particularly rare form of the marsupial that’s native to Papua New Guinea.

And good on ’em, really. The species is so endangered that the World Zoos Association has to individually match-make potential partners to keep the furry lineage going. 

Yesterday, the latest result of that effort reared its nubbly head. After six months of snuggling in his mum’s pouch, the programs’ newest joey has emerged to the delight of carers, staff, and soon, the entire planet. 

We are not joking. Our northern neighbours evidently took the concept of the kangaroo and did everything in their power to make it overwhelmingly cute. As a result, the footage of the youngin’ is devastating, in the best possible way:

That furry bundle of innocent joy is Mian, the child of father Huli (!) and mother Kaluli (!!). Both of them were identified as the best genetic match for the other, and in our layman opinion, they absolutely nailed it. 

Moreover, he’s the first of his species born at the zoo in 36 years, which just pushes the whole thing over the top. 

There is nothing wrong with this story. It is faultless. We have been blessed by an objectively perfect fuzzball, and you’ll be able to see him in person at the zoo’s kangaroo exhibit.

We can’t get enough of our tree roo joey, can you? #TenkileAlliance #SavingWildlife

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Source: SBS. 
Photo: Perth Zoo / Facebook.