WATCH: NSW Public Transport’s Christmas PSA Rap Is Our New National Shame

It’s been a bumper day for terrible videos produced by NSW government public transportation bodies – by which I mean, there’s been two but they both have been really, really, really fucking bad.

If seeing three people have the most awkward night out possible in a Sydney that looks even more bereft of fun that the Baird-induced nightmare it’s currently experiencing didn’t quite wet your whistle enough, rejoice: NSW Public Transport somehow made an even more cringeworthy video, reminding you to tap on and off.
Somewhere, deep in the bowels of some government office, someone noticed a few thousand spare dollars in the budget and decided its absolute best use was to dress up some staff, have them dance in a train station, and pay for someone to professionally record a man with an impossibly monotone voice to do the worst rap imaginable.
What really makes this better is if you try and imagine that each and every one of the fucking terrible lines of this horrendous affront to rap music was written, on purpose, possibly by a group of people – and that this, in all likelihood, wasn’t even their first draft.
Be sure to tense your core muscles because the cringing that’s about to afflict your body could well do some serious damage:
Honestly, I’d be tempted to deliberately not tap my Opal card on or off now just to get revenge for this monstrosity.
Source and photo: Facebook.