WATCH: Melbourne Lord Franco Cozzo’s New Jingle Will Make Ya Cop A Cabinet

At time of writing, it’s just past midday on a Wednesday. We’re almost as far away from a weekend as is possible, and probably in need of a little motivation to power through until that blessed Friday knock-off. 
Franco Cozzo, a man who clearly has never lacked energy in his entire goddamn life, may just have the solution to our sluggish woes. And yes, it involves a granda sale, motherfuckers. 

The unquestioned king of Footscray has unveiled a brand new promo for his legendary furniture store, and it’s essentially the rallying cry Melbourne has been waiting for. That full-force “BUY” is practically guaranteed to wake you up – and convince you to drop your dollars on an elaborately-carved cabinet.

Expect to see the new “Franco Cozzo Jungle” everywhere commercials for iconic Victorian businesses are usually shown.  
Source and photo: Franco Cozzo / Facebook.