WATCH: May Your Weekend Be As Chill As This Dog Interrupting An Orchestra

Orchestras tend to have some pretty concrete rules about what audience members can, and cannot, do during a performance. Clock what happens when a professional pianist has their mojo hampered by a polyphonic classic:
Keep that in mind when catching this video of a recent performance by the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. While powering through a rendition of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No.4 in the Turkish city of Ephesus, the string section was joined by an unexpected guest. 

A dog. A golden, fluffy, and very nonplussed dog.

As previously stated, classically trained musos aren’t particularly kind on interlopers. But, after some incredulous chuckles from the audience turned into all-around applause, everything became chill. So chill, in fact, the pup decided to plant itself right there.

That’s it. That’s your gentle Friday afternoon content. Ride these happy canine vibes right into the weekend, pals. 

Source: Billboard.
Photo: Ilkses Gazetesi Izmir / YouTube.