WATCH: Margaret Court Continues Her Sook Tour After Her ‘Project’ Roasting

One time tennis hero and current author of bigoted open letters Margaret Court is back at it again, skulking off to The Bolt Report to continue to sook about her appearance on The Project, calling her treatment ‘disgusting’. This follows an earlier whinge to the Herald Sun about the same thing.

This time, she doubled down on her criticism of gay marriage, telling Andrew Bolt that “God made man for woman and woman for man … (to) go multiply the earth”.

She maintained that she was being ‘bullied’ into retracting her stance on flying Qantas which precisely zero people asked for anyway:
I think they always said that we were bullying them but I think there’s a lot of bullying gone on, intimidation. I think everybody has their views. I have nothing against gay people and you know we have them in our church and I help them. This is a Judeo-Christian nation and I believe we should protect marriage.

Court is still deeply troubled by the fact Waleed Aly was apparently rude to her, and didn’t get it out of her system in her Herald Sun letter. 

“I think that was disgusting, actually, the way they did not let me speak,” she said. “They didn’t want to hear what I had to say; all they wanted was for people to hear what they had to say.”

Oh, and speaking of Margaret Court speaking her brave truths – social media had a lot of fun digging up reports from her heyday in which she openly defended the system of apartheid in South Africa. You know, the brutal and violent system of racial disenfranchisement that everyone with their head screwed on straight opposed at the time.

Look, you’d reckon if you full-throatedly supported apartheid back in the day and called for it to be introduced in America, you might keep your trap shut about – oh, I don’t know – everything.
Source: The Bolt Report.
Photo: The Project.