WATCH: Gable Tostee Tells ’60 Minutes’ Why He Didn’t Call An Ambulance

60 Minutes has relased another clip from its highly-contentious, six-figure Gable Tostee interview, in which the Gold Coast man, acquitted of murder and manslaughter in the death of Warriena Wright, explains why he didn’t call an ambulance on the night she died. 
Tostee did not take the stand at his own trial, allowing recorded evidence from the night in question to speak for itself, so aside from some posts he allegedly made to bodybuilding forums in the wake of the incident, Sunday night’s interview will be his first substantial opportunity to tell his side of the story. 
In the newly-released clip, he attempts to explain his actions on the night Wright died, after attempting to climb off his apartment balcony. “Nobody’s trained for a situation like this,” he said. “It’s like being hit by lightning, there is no right or wrong way to proceed from there.”
When reporter Liam Bartlett suggested he might have called an ambulance, he responded: “As I said what had happened had happened and there was nothing an ambulance could do would change that.”
The interview airs tomorrow night at 8.30pm.
Source: 60 Minutes.
Photo: 60 Minutes.