Watch: Former Drug Dealer And User Talk ‘When Shit Goes Really Wrong’

In NO WAY related to Splendour in the Grass and the struggle you may or may not be experiencing right now, ABC2 is getting deep into the issue of drugs, or more specifically, how Australians can’t seem to stop eating them.

They’re getting deep into the Aussies + drugs conversation with 2 HIGH, a week of programming that’s a joint (lol) effort between ABC2 and triple j’s Hack.

Tonight, Hack’s Tom Tilley is hosting a L I V E studio discussion called Australians on Drugs, where campaigners, policy makers, and researchers will get “brutally honest” about what Aussies are taking and why, where our apparent reputation as one of the world’s biggest consumers per capita of illicit drugs has come from and how the hell we should be handling it.

That panel includes Greens leader Richard Di Natale, who last week made headlines for suggesting Australia adopt Portugal’s drug decriminalisation policy.

Here’s the rest of ’em:

As part of tonight’s show, snippets of the below chat with a former drug dealer and a former drug user – both sharing their stories of when a drug experience goes really, really wrong – will also air.

Quick heads up – they’re not actually talking about the same event. Clever editing and that.

Fomer Dealer & User most terrifying moment

“She passes out on the dance floor and I flipped my biscuit.” Have you ever had a terrifying experience with drugs?Watch a former drug dealer and a former drug user talk about the time they thought something had gone really wrong. Note: they’re not referring to the same incident.

Posted by Hack on triple j on Monday, 27 July 2015

Twitter fiends can carry on the convo with #AusDrugs, but, um – be careful what you tweet, yeah? Future employers, your mum, etc etc.

Australians on Drugs airs tonight on ABC 2 at 9:30pm