WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres Joins The Fight To Save Our Great Barrier Reef

Ellen DeGeneres AKA Dory the forgetful Blue Tang has put out a short, 30-second video encouraging all of us to help save the Great Barrier Reef
In 2016, news came out that our precious reef has now suffered a devastating 93% rate of coral bleaching, and Fight for the Reef released their campaign to remind Aussies to think of the GBR when we head to the polling booths in July. 
And Ellen is begging us to do the same, and help the reef. 

“Hi Australia, it’s me, Ellen DeGeneres. As you know I’m a big fan of your beautiful, great, wonderful Great Barrier Reef, which is home to my favourite fish, Dory.

And as you may remember – but Dory probably doesn’t – she’s a blue tang and has many other amazing species that live in the Great Barrier Reef with her. It’s critical that we protect this amazing place, and we’d like your help.”
It’s a part of a giant Disney campaign called ‘Remember the Reef’ which includes ‘Finding Dory’-related materials raising awareness about the environmental damage to the reef, and advice on how to help.
Watch below:

See all of Disney’s excellent reef-savin’ content here:
Remember, ~fish are friends~. Their home needs our help.
Source: Disney