WATCH: Dad Tries To Film Holiday On A GoPro, Does It All On Selfie-Mode

Irishman Joseph Griffin was very excited when his son Evan lent him a Go Pro to document a Las Vegas holiday.

“Can’t wait to film everything, these will make such great memories!”* he thought to himself (*you know, probably).
Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly according to plan for Joseph, because Evan didn’t give him instructions on how to use the GoPro – so instead of hours of footage of the Las Vegas strip and surrounding scenery, he sort of, accidentally, filmed the world’s longest selfie (or pre-empted Shia LaBeouf‘s next project, either way).
Evan couldn’t resist uploading the footage to YouTube, telling Facebook:
The footage is ~iconic~ in its own way, though:
And there’s a lot of incidental shots of Las Vegas’ scenery, like this shot of the Bellagio, as Joseph stands on an escalator:
No matter what, though, it looks like he had a really great trip, and he’ll always have the memories.
Watch his entire, epic adventure: