WATCH: Dad In ’60 Mins’ Saga Tells ‘The Project’ Why He Dropped The Charges

Hooo boy. 

Ali Elamine, father of the two children at the centre of the recent 60 Minutes ordeal, has spoken to The Project about his estranged wife Sally Faulkner and the circumstances surrounding the child rescue/abduction attempt. 
Before today’s court appearance, Elamine spoke from his car, telling Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore about suddenly showing leniency to Faulkner and the Channel 9 crew; he said “she is the mother of our children. I have nothing against her.

“I know what she did is a bit heavy, but she is a mother, and mothers will do anything.”
He later claimed the choice to drop charges against the Channel 9 crew was partly motivated by empathy, after speaking to one of the cameramen involved who is a father himself.
As for the kids themselves? Well, according to Elamine, “they don’t know what’s happening.”

“The first thing when they say me was ‘why are mum’s friends so tough and rough?’ and I said ‘maybe they just work out. They’re big guys and they work out, and they didn’t mean to hurt you, they’re just trying to surprise you.’”

“I never told them what went on. I just told them mummy had to get on a plane and head back home, because she had work.” 
“I never told them she went to gaol, and I would never do that.” 
Of course, Faulkner and the crew are returning to Australia at time of publication, and their release itself is a reversal of the narrative that things were looking very, very bleak legally for all involved. 

This entire situation is far from over, and it seems every sentence from anyone involved in the ordeal adds just as many questions as it does answers, but collating all these viewpoints might make sense of it all. Watch: 

Source and photo: The Project / Twitter.