WATCH: Courtney Stodden Burns Bangs Off Trying To Contact Michael Jackson

In what is probably the best story ever told in 2 tweets, Courtney Stodden has set her hair on fire while livestreaming a séance in which she attempted to contact the ghost of Michael Jackson, because apparently you’ll do pretty much anything for a laugh when fame and wealth have ruined your ability to enjoy normal things. 

Not willing to let having her face catch fire bring her down, Courtney declared the séance a success as MJ’s hair once caught fire while he was shooting a Pepsi commercial, offering definitive proof that she had indeed journeyed into the spirit realm and brought back the spirit of a dead pop star.

Don’t stress too hard about missing the livestream because (lucky for us) she posted the video to Instagram. Enjoy. 

Source: The Daily Mail.
Photo: Instagram / @courtneyastodden.