WATCH: Cops Bar Muslim Charity From Stereo, Claim They’d ‘Breach The Peace’

Muslim charity group IDO Homeless Run claim they were “treated like animals” by police as they were barred from operating near Sydney’s Stereosonic festival at Homebush this weekend. 
The group, also known as The White Coats, were intending to warn punters against illicit drug use at the festival. One member said they were working “as concerned members of the community, as we have lost loved ones down there to drugs,” but were stopped by a large number of police officers before arriving. 
Police later blamed the death of a punter at the festival on a drug overdose. 
In videos posted to the group’s Facebook page, a senior officer tells them their actions would cause a breach of the peace, despite the White Coats’ claims they had no intentions of preaching at the festival. 

Today the Homeless Run wanted to go to StereoSonic to persuade our Muslim brothers not to take any drugs or get into any fights.Within minutes of departing, about 100 police officers stopped our van for an hour and blocked Vaughn Street in Lidcombe to search everyone including our van. Alhamdulilah the boys were very calm and complied with them. However, this is extremely embarrassing for the Muslim community that this is how we get treated when we are trying to do good in the community and help protect loved ones from overdosing on drugs and getting into trouble.

Posted by Homeless run on Friday, 27 November 2015

The group’s outreach work – which had recently been featured in the media – focuses mainly on feeding and offering hygiene supplies to the homeless, and assisting victims of domestic abuse. 

Non-profit initiatives that focus on drinking and drug use like Vanessa already operate at Stereosonic, so it’s definitely not out of their wheelhouse to allow similar charity groups to operate nearby. 

Whoever knows our work, knows we only do good in the community.To have 100 police officers called to stop us from trying to do such positive work, is extremely embarrassing and upsetting to us.

Posted by Homeless run on Friday, 27 November 2015

petition supporting the group has almost reached its target already, with nearly 7,000 calling for the NSW Police to officially apologise for their apparent over-reaction. 

FWIW, it doesn’t look like the whole deal put them off doing their thing, either – they posted an update later in the evening, showing them working their usual beat on the streets.

Far be it from us to judge, but surely there’s not any harm in letting some already-certified good dudes have a bit of banter about pingers outside a music festival. Surely. 

Story via Sky News.

Image via Facebook.