WATCH: Briggsy Unpacks Constitutional Recognition On Charlie Pickering

Oh, Charlie Pickering. Between John Oliver‘s comedic style of general British bewilderment, and Waleed Aly‘s intellectual gravitas, Charlie’s version of staring-down-the-camera-and-explaining-the-news often gets overlooked, so it’s really really nice when he nails it. 

Which Pickering did, last night on The Weekly, when he took to the issue of constitutional recognition with the help of rapper, comedian, and all-round ledge Adam Briggs, a.k.a. Briggsy.

“So Briggsy, why is Constitutional Recognition a priority?” says Charlie, after they sort out the issue that Briggsy is *not* in fact, from “Indigenous Australia“.

“Well the constitution doesn’t mention Aboriginal or Torres Straight islander people at all,” Briggsy replies. “When you first showed up here, we were treated like flora and fauna. To you, this whole place was the Botanical Gardens.”

That, right there, is the gist of it. Tbh, we don’t want to take away anymore of Briggsy’s comedic timing. Watch the rest of it below:

The Weekly: Constitutional Recognition

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Posted by The Weekly on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A quick and casual reminder that New Zealand, Canada and America – countries with a bloody and violent history against the First Inhabitants – all have legally enforceable treaties, and Australia doesn’t.

Photo / Source: The Project.