WATCH: A Raccoon Nicked A Bloke’s Phone & Filmed Its Mad Dash For Freedom

There is a rich vein of content online in the genre of ‘animals stealing shit’ and it is always fairly funny. Monkeys are the main perpetrator, but sometimes you get a strong entry from another species. This raccoon, for example.

In a video that has gone wildly viral in the past 17 hours because people – including us – thoroughly enjoy looking at extremely dumb shit, a racoon nicked the phone of Guy Williams, a 19-year-old from Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

The bloke told BuzzFeed that the raccoon hangs around campus, and they were just trying to feed it acorns while filming it, which is a noble instinct I understand totally. After Twitter users immediately went him for ‘abusing’ the raccoon – because it’s Twitter – to get his phone back, he clarified:

Which makes sense. What does a raccoon need a phone for?
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Twitter.