Viral Kiwi Ad Perfectly Sums Up Why You Shouldn’t Call Things “Gay”

Our dear, beloved neighbourinos New Zealand have already legalised same-sex marriage yonks ago, and not only did society not devolve into a frenzied chaos but it also allowed lovely LGBTIQ Kiwis and their allies to focus energies on fixing up other elements of the community that needed a bit of figurative WD-40.

The current target of Auckland based Queer charity Rainbow Youth, is something that affects huge swathes of the world: the, sometimes unknowingly yet insidious use of the word “gay” to disparage or make fun of… well, anything really.

It’s true in 2017 we’re getting better at ensuring the language we use doesn’t cause offence to, or further ingrain negative stereotypes of segments of our population but there are still an unfortunate amount of peeps throwing out the G-A-Y word when they shouldn’t.

Thus Rainbow Youth’s now viral ad, pointing out how easy it is to stop calling things “gay”, using the universal disappointment of a dropped meat pie.

The vid dropped two days ago but has spread like Marmite on warm toast today, clocking up around 300k views (which is epic for a page with under 7k likes FYI):

See? It’s really that easy.

Oh, also if you think this is another element of “PC culture gone too far” and that this is all just a “crock of over-the-top bullshit”, well, this humble writer is a card-carrying, big ol’ gay and I can one hundred percent state that hearing someone call something bad, “gay”, sucks. Fucking heaps.

So yeah, please stop it. It’s not that hard of a thing to try not to do. Cheers.