Village Cinemas Do The Seemingly Impossible, Make Tickets Even More Spenno

Back in 2009, Bangs sung about wanting to take his shawty to the movies.

“I got the popcorn, I know what else you like,” he surmised, clearly oblivious to the fact that if he were to fork out for those salty popped morsels of corn, two medium Cokes, a coupla boysenberry choc-tops and tickets, he’d probably have spent the equivalent of a week’s rent.

not so fast bangs

Nine years on and this sorry scenario has only gotten worse, with Village Cinemas upping their movie ticket and candy bar prices over the summer holiday period.

It all began around Christmas, when the cinema chain introduced what they call ‘The Dynamic Pricing Trial‘.

Under this new scheme, movies beginning after 5pm on Friday and Saturday nights go up in price across selected Victorian locations including Crown, Fountain Gate, Doncaster, Jam Factory, Southland and Werribee.

Those times are, of course, the busiest; particularly during school holidays when parents are looking to find something to do with the kids that isn’t making slime.

This price hike will continue throughout the summer, with the already insanely-priced snacks and drinks from the candy bar increasing by up to a dollar, too.

The full table of surge prices was uploaded to Reddit by user kennethdaniels:


We pray this is a purely a summer thing that won’t continue on throughout the year, cos we all got a few shawties we’d love to take to the movies.