YES: Victoria’s Scoring Round Two Of The $250 Power Bill Bonus Next Month Before The Big Cold

victoria power bill bonus energy saving

The Victorian Government is sticking to its election promises and bringing back the $250 Power Saving Bonus for a second round in March. Perfect timing considering we’re a bee’s dick away from the end of summer and the tilt into Melbourne’s Big Grey season.

Eligible Victorian households will be able to score the bonus from March 24, even if they got the bonus last time around. The process to get the cost of living support is the same — all you have to do is visit the Victorian Energy Compare website or call 1800 000 832, fill out your details and then wait for the bonus to bounce into your bank account.

If you haven’t applied for the first round of the energy bonus you can still do that up until midnight on March 23, so get onto that if you haven’t already.

Possibly scoring up to an extra $500 right before the colder months when our electricity and gas bills tend to spike is legit a lifesaver. The cozzie livs is bloody out of control right now so having an extra bump of cash to help pay the bills is fkn crucial.

The new round of the government’s power bonus (AKA free money) comes direct from an election promise Premier Dan Andrews made last year. The first round of the bonus came through in mid-2022 which saw more than 1.7million households taking up the financial support.

“We know Victorians are doing it tough with the rising cost of energy,” Premier Andrews said in a statement on Monday.

“That’s why we’ll have a new round of the $250 Power Saving Bonus, putting money in families’ pockets and making sure they’re on the best deal.”

The government is also sticking to its promise of bringing back the State Electricity Commission and government-owned renewable energy, which will help create nearly 60,000 jobs and (hopefully) drive down energy costs.

Cheers for money for nothing Dan, we won’t have to crush ourselves with 400 blankets on the bed this winter.