Victoria Police Have Nabbed 35 Rioters From That Unreal Fed Square Brawl

Thirty five arrests have been made in relation to the hectic, violent brawl that swept through Melbourne’s Federation Square precinct earlier this month. 

SBS reports Acting Police Minister Robin Scott laid that figure out before Victorian Parliament today during Question Time. Estimates pin the total number of those involved at the 200 mark. 

Here’s a reminder of what that whole deal looked like, too: 

The announcement comes after authorities reiterated their zero-tolerance approach towards gang violence. 
In a post on Victoria Police’s media site shortly after the incident, Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said “given their behaviour on [March 12], we are now significantly boosting the resources of this taskforce and we are determined to put an end to them.”
“Victoria Police is determined to prevent people like these destroying the peace that is Melbourne.”
Last night, Premier Daniel Andrews also tackled the matter as part of a Q&A panel, saying “there are important things the government can do… one of them is to back police to make sure there is a very strong signal sent that if you behave that way then you will regret behaving that way.”
It’s almost as if brawling through one of the most populated and CCTV’d parts of Melbourne is an absolutely terrible idea, huh?
Source: SBS. 
Photo: Andrew Nelson / Twitter.