VIC Police Posted Man’s Arrest Warrant On Facebook, The Genius Replied

Despite the scramble to get understand VPN’s and the general widespread panic about our government accessing and retaining our metadata, it seems as though internet privacy still doesn’t really seem to phase some Aussies. 

Victoria Police posted this on Facebook today:

It is believed that Daniel may be living in St Kilda.

Posted by Victoria Police on Sunday, 5 July 2015

And as you can see from the comments, Daniel/Danny Damon decided to comment on his own digital warrant for arrest, and ~antagonise the p o p o~. Because that is a smart thing to do. 
The popo were not to be antagonised however, and responded back with the dad joke that we needed, not the dad joke we deserved:

We guess… maybe… we won’t mention the fact that Danny has information about places he’s recently been, statuses and photos, all very, very public on his profile. S-M-R-T.