Two Australians Injured After Enormous Cruise Ship Collision At Venice Dock

Two Australians are among the four people injured after a cruise ship collided with a river tour boat in Venice, crumpling part of the smaller vessel and damaging a dock in the historic Italian city.

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Citing local officials, AP reports the Australians join a New Zealander and an American who were injured by falling or trying to flee the dramatic scene.

All four women, aged between 67 and 72, were admitted to hospital. Their conditions are not known.

Footage taken around 8.30am Sunday shows the enormous MSC Opera blaring its horn while approaching the canal dock and the much smaller River Countess.

Seemingly unable to stop, the cruise ship ploughs into the river boat as terrified onlookers run away.

Video taken onboard the MSC Opera shows the collision.

MSC Cruises issued a statement saying the incident was the result of an unknown mechanical failure. Two tugboats deployed to guide the ship to the dock were also unable to stop the collision.

In an audio clip released to local media, the ship’s pilot reportedly said “we don’t understand what happened” to cause the incident.

The crash has reignited debate as to whether cruise ships should be permitted through the city’s canals. While Venice is one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, advocates say large vessels should be banned from its historic waterways.

An investigation is underway.