Vape Stores Are Most Common In Poor Areas & Near Schools Bc The Tobacco Industry Is Truly Evil

Vape stores in Western Australia are densely located in disadvantaged areas, new research has revealed, with almost 9 out of 10 of them within walking distance of a school

Researchers from the University of Western Australia found there are seven times as many vape shops in poorer areas compared with more affluent ones across the state, and that 88% of them were within 1km of a school.

Although the research was only focused on WA, the researchers said it came as no surprise and it was likely a similar situation right across the country, with the findings highlighting the importance of further reforms to vaping laws.

“We know from overseas studies that the tobacco industry often sets up shop in disadvantaged areas where they can prey on vulnerable populations, and we found the same pattern here with vape retailers,” said researcher Dr Matthew Tuscon.

“The proximity of vape stores to schools increases young people’s access to vapes and exposure to marketing, ultimately normalising e-cigarette use.

“While our study was conducted in WA, the density of vape retailers near schools and in disadvantaged communities is a problem we expect exists right across Australia.”

The researchers called vaping an “epidemic” that was “popular with children” and said that although disposable vapes were now banned there were still some significant loopholes the government needed to “urgently” tackle.

“There has been a rapid explosion of vaping retailers across the country over the last few years,” said professor Terry Slevin.

Slevin said he welcomes the latest vaping reforms, but added that they fell short by only tightening the supply chain and targeted retailers, instead of users themselves.

“Those addicted smokers who have decided they need vapes to help them quit, will still be able to access them with a prescription and with assistance from a health professional,” he said.

“We call on all state and federal Parliamentarians to side with public health professionals, schools and teachers and put the health of young people first, by supporting the full suite of proposed vaping reforms.”

The latest reforms, which came into effect on January 1st, have already proven successful in seizing disposable vapes destined for market, with the government announcing that hundreds or thousands of vapes worth millions of dollars have already being seized.

However, some experts say that this could simply indicate a larger flow of illegal vapes into the country, and say that until governments adopt a health based approach instead of a criminal one, vaping will remain a harmful epidemic that is here to stay.