Please Don’t Do This: Vandals Have Defaced Multiple Speed Signs With ‘No’ Across South Australia

As we approach polling day for the Voice To Parliament referendum, campaigning has taken an unsavoury turn.

Ahead of the October 14,  vandals from the ‘No’ camp have defaced road speed signs to get their message across. According to reports from ABC News, just outside of the South Australian town Port Lincoln, speed signs along the Flinders Highway read ‘No’ using black tape.

It has been confirmed that around a dozen signs were vandalised and it comes just a week after similar defacing occurred in neighbouring town, Warnertown. Locals in the area have reported these ‘No’ speed signs popping up along roads throughout Burra, Robertstown and along the Port Wakefield Highway.

Not only does the vandalism lack any real creativity, it is being treated as a very serious issue by local authorities.

“Defacing road infrastructure is a criminal offence, which carries a maximum penalty of $5,000 or one-year imprisonment,” an official Department for Infrastructure and Transports spokesperson told the ABC.

“Road signs and infrastructure are very important for driver safety and we are taking this issue very seriously.”

In laymens: don’t be a dickhead and risk lives on the road by vandalising speed signs in order to push your agenda.