US Bloke Goes Full ‘GOT’, Fights Off Home Invader With Massive Sword

There comes a time in everyone’s life – usually around the age of 14 – when owning a full-sized sword seems like a really, really good idea. The few who go through with it either end up with an awkward conversation piece of an all-too-forseeable trip to the ER. 

That wasn’t the case for Chicago native Mac Dolan, who used his $130 longsword to ward off a violent home invader. 

Dolan, 25, awoke late last month to hear a female guest yelling from his living room. He hit the lights to see an unknown man assaulting the woman and attempting to take off her clothes. His immediate response was to reach for the 111cm blade hanging on his wall.

“I just started yelling and running at the guy basically and grabbed the sword that we have on the wall and chased him toward the back stairs,” Dolan said, explaining that the intruder took a moment to recognise the fact that yes, he really was faced with a huge-ass weapon.
Dolan gave pursuit. He explained “I took one cut at him with the sword, but he ducked, and I missed and dented the wood railing.” 
The attacker managed to bolt from the scene. When Dolan awoke his other housemate, checked on the woman and waited for police, he noticed the man had dropped his wallet in the process. 
Crucially, the gronk in question walked into a police station to report his wallet missing. Cops there looked up his deets, only to find him wanted for questioning over the home invasion. Thanks to his staggeringly dumb move, 39-year-old Francisco Chavez was subsequently charged for the break-in, attempted aggravated criminal sexual assault, and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.
His arrest was seemingly a long time coming: police noted he matched the description of a man involved in a seperate home invasion. Witnesses of that case were shown photos of Chavez and stated that yep, he was responsible there, too. Chavez was charged with residential burglary and criminal trespass for that one.
As for Dolan? Well, The Chicago-Sun Times had the foresight to ask him about future sword-wielding plans. Seeing as the sword – which was placed “equidistant between our bedrooms, so whoever gets there first can use it” – proved so handy, Dolan said he’s bought another one. 
Dolan’s housemate John Henry Zuercher said “we’re Game Of Thrones guys.” Just as well, hey?
Source: The Chicago Sun-Times.
Photo: Game Of Thrones / HBO.