UK’s Teenage ‘Snapchat Murderers’ Found Guilty Of Horrific 2014 Crime

Two 15-year-old girls have been convicted for a brutal, seemingly motiveless 2014 murder – a crime dubbed the ‘Snapchat Murder’ by the English press, as the pair posted a selfie near 39-year-old Angela Wrightson’s Hartlepool home after the hours-long assault. 

Before the jury came to a unanimous decision to convict the pair, the Leeds crown court heard how the attackers used make-shift weapons including a coffee table, a shovel, and a kettle during the murder. 

The court also heard a call to police made by the girls themselves after the murder – they actually asked police to pick them up from a nearby location at 4am.

The police unit involved have also released a statement on the case to Facebook, in which they say in “almost 25 years of service [they] have never come across such a brutal murder committed by such young girls.”

Cleveland Police reaction to guilty verdicts in Angela Wrightson trial …Detective Chief Supt Peter McPhillips said: …

Posted by Cleveland Police on Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Both of the convicted were within the UK social services system, and The Times report their cases are so obviously out of the norm, experts from around the nation have been called in to assess what the hell exactly happened here. 

The victim’s mother said “listening to the details of her injuries and of her final moments has been a harrowing experience and something which will continue to haunt us each and every day.”

“The two girls responsible will one day be women themselves, free to live their lives and perhaps have children of their own — a right which was taken from Angie.”
It’s all absolutely grim stuff, and the case has been likened to the world-famous 1993 murder of Jamie Bulger, which was committed by two 10-year-olds. 
The pair will face sentencing on Thursday.

Source: The Times / News Corp. 
Photo: Cleveland Police / Facebook.