Uber Wants You To Know Their Million-Dollar Losses Are All Part Of The Plan

t’s pretty standard for newer companies to focus on growth and expansion (which costs $$$, funnily enough), and burn through some of their hard-earned profits. 

But a bunch of media outlets are reporting Uber is in dire financial straits, haemorrhaging money faster than it can ~ drive ~ it.
Gawker contributor Sam Biddle‘s sharing of financial documents indicating pretty heavy losses via Twitter started the whispers.
But Uber cares not, responding with this wonderful’y sassy statement to Fairfax Media:
“Shock, horror, Uber makes a loss. This is hardly news, and old news at that. It’s a case of business 101: you raise money, you invest money, you grow (hopefully), you make a profit and that generates a return for investors.”  
Which is pretty much a more eloquent, TL;DR way of saying, ‘LOL YEAH WE KNOW HOW TO RUN THIS SHIT, GET FUCKED M8, LEARN HOW TO JOURNO, BYE’ 
via The Age.