Uber Fires 20 Employees After Massive Investigation Into Sexual Harassment

Uber has fired 20 employees after concluding a massive investigation into allegations of sexual harassment at the company.

The ride-sharing company confirmed this morning that it had investigated 215 claims all up, mostly concerning incidences of discrimination, sexual harassment, unprofessional behaviour and bullying – and mostly in the San Francisco office.
Following the conclusion of that investigation – and on top of the firings – a further 31 employees are now in training, seven were issued with final warnings, and 57 employees are still under review.

It comes after former engineer Susan Fowler wrote a viral blog post outlining her experiences of sexual harassment while at the company, and the combined efforts of management and HR to do sweet fuck all about it.

After her post went viral, embattled CEO Travis Kalanick tweeted that “anyone who behaves this way or thinks this is OK will be fired”, so this is Uber making good on its promises.
The company has also beefed up its HR department, set up a confidential hotline, and hired an academic specialising in gender and diversity issues in the workplace, Frances Frei, to help lift it out of the bro culture funk.
Frei described the company as being “sanded” and ready to “have some education painted on it”, which uh, certainly is a metaphor.

“My goal is to make this a world-class company that can be proud of itself in the end, rather than embarrassed,” she said.
Fair enough.
Photo: Uber.